Uquo Central Processing Facility

The Uquo Central Processing Facility (CPF), with initial processing capacity of 200mmscf/d is the biggest gas supply system developed by a Nigerian indigenous independent operator or consortium, The plant came on stream in December 2012 and is currently supplying the Ibom IPP, and will commence supply to Calabar IPP in the First Quarter of 2015.

In addition to processing non-associated gas from the Uquo Field, this facility will also provide a processing outlet for associated gas from other nearby marginal fields; Qua Iboe (operated by Network E&P) and Stub Creek (operated by Universal energy). The associated gas from these fields will be delivered to the Uquo Facility by gas pipelines, eliminating gas flaring from their crude oil operations and allowing these fields to produce their assets economically. In addition to processing natural gas,this facility also has the capacity to process about 2,000barrels per day of crude oil. 

The CPF is operated by Frontier Oil Limited.