FUN Crude Oil Evacuation System

FOL is the Operator of the FUN JV made up of Frontier Oil Limited, Universal Energy Resources Limited (Stubb Creek field,OML/14) and Network Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited (Qua Iboe field, OML13)

The FUN JV owns the 35,000bopd capacity common crude oil evacuation infrastructure which allows the individual crude production from each member field to be comingled and evacuated to the Exxon Mobil Qua Iboe crude oil export terminal for storage and eventual sale.

The Fun Manifold comprises LACT Units on each incoming oil line from the three FUN Group Members, a common header and a 10inch line laid into the QIT. Inside QIT a common LACT Unit has been installed, from which production is tied into the common pump header for the export system. Instrument air, power generation as well as fire water supply and control room/MCC are provided to ensure safe operations. In order to ensure only production which meets specifications is delivered to QIT, each LACT Unit incorporates a sampler to test the incoming stream. If it does not meet the requirements,the production is diverted to the Off-spec tank provided. This can subsequently be reprocessed and re-injected into the system.