Uquo Field

The Uquo Marginal Field is a partially appraised gas and marginal oil discovery located onshore in the eastern part of the Niger Delta in license block OML/13.

Discovered by Shell in November 1958, where the Uquo-1 discovery well was reported to have tested for both oil and gas. 3 subsequent exploration and appraisal wells were drilled in the 1970s, each encountering significant hydrocarbon potential although none were production tested.

Since its discovery in 1958 the Uquo Field has been partially appraised with 8 wells; of which 1 well is abandoned, 2 plugged back and 5 developed for commercial production (4 gas wells and 1 oil well). Plans are underway to carry out additional exploration & appraisal drilling subject to the outcome of the 2014 drilling campaign.